What’s all this about?

This site is an intermittent slice of my life. You may encounter reviews, creative writing, and essays on diverse subjects. Beginning May 11, 2018, you can expect a new essay to be published once a week, usually on Fridays, with other content as I have interest and make time.

I expect much of the content of this site to be personal essays, including essays based on my work for Roncesvalles Speakers Circle, a Distinguished Toastmasters club. Leadership and community will be frequent themes, as they are for many speeches in my club as well as the Dynamic Leadership path in the Pathways program that is part of the recently revised Toastmasters curriculum. I am the club’s VP Education for the 2018-2019 year.

My name is Dawn Keenan. You can call me D, or Keenan, or Dawn (pronounced the same as Don). I’ve used the handle thatdawnperson on some social media platforms, and crosspost to my LinkedIn feed. I’m currently working for the Canadian federal government in support of the NRC-IRAP program. It’s an interesting change from higher education, where I spent a few years.

I’ve written online in short story, poem, and blog formats for as long as I’ve been connected to tech-mediated networks in the early 1980s. My interests include software, systems, feminism, technology, societal equity, leadership, making music, listening to music, video games, and service management. I live with some cats and a human or two, in a multi-dwelling building steps from regular TTC service. If you’re wondering what pronouns to use to refer to me in the third person, I prefer but do not insist on they/them/their.