Toast to Peace

“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” So begins a song that generations of children’s choirs around the world have sung since 1955. Pope Francis urges us to work for peace. The Dalai Lama says world peace can only be based on inner peace.

What does peace look like? It’s people caring for each other, especially the vulnerable. It’s building a future based on shared humanity and a recognition of common good. It all starts with peace of mind.

Where do we find our own peace amid the stresses and distractions of modern life? Some of us turn to scriptures. Others practice mindfulness. Time in nature, the flow of a challenging workout, volunteering. The paths to peace are as varied as we are as people.

What’s important is that we hold space for peace in our lives, so we build our personal reservoirs of inner peace. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

I urge us all to make and hold space to connect with what brings you peace. We may not be world leaders, but like a skipping stone we create the ripples in a still pond that reach and affect everyone around us. Let us be a force for peace in the world.


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