Why The Keenan Report?

At the time when everyone in my peer group was exploring names and their meanings, I learned a bit about my surname and people who shared it. Although it’s unlikely I have a close familial relationship with other people named Keenan (one of my great-aunts did a genealogy report and kept it up to date throughout her later years), it seems to be a good name. I tried another surname for a few years, and a few other people have assumed I had one or another different family name depending on circumstances. Keenan fits me best.

The Keenan Report was an 1869 report on the elementary school system in Trinidad written by Patrick Joseph Keenan. The report stuck in my head as related to the history of my name for years, and is the source of the blog title and WP subdomain.

The Keenan Award is an annual award in Toastmasters District 60 that was created in 1995 in honour of George Keenan. I learned this in late 2017 and was delighted.

I am using the systematic critical approach of the Patrick Joseph Keenan and the dedication to community service of George Keenan as my models in creating content for general audiences.


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