Adrenaline (to be read aloud, dancing)

Adrenaline is a three year old child who gets you out of bed
running all over the place, dancing.
Where did all these butterflies come from?
They’re beautiful. Now is beautiful. Come play with me.

Adrenaline is not civilized.
Don’t tell Adrenaline to hush and be still.
Adrenaline will fill the cage around your heart with uncountable butterflies.
Your mind will flutter to their wingbeats.
The butterflies will shake the very bones of your earth, fill you until you can’t hear.
Adrenaline says “Now is wondrous. Don’t be afraid.”
Meanwhile your civilized butterfly-addled mind hears only “Be afraid.”

Adrenaline is a three year old child.
Engage with that child. Get to a three year old’s level.
Open your arms like the start of a hug.
Relax into Adrenaline’s enthusiastic embrace.
Share your butterflies with the world, playing with your friend.
Now is everything.


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